Logic and Notifications for New Contact Form

The purpose of this form is to reduce the number of emails we are getting via marketing@ and sales@ 
Enterprise Sales and Bulk Orders -  Job Title, Company Name, Phone Number and

Marketing and Data Science - Job Title, and Company Name appear
Marketing requests will notify:
marketing@kinsahealth.com or
- Simon
- Nita

Data Science and Research requests will notify:
- data.insights@kinsahealth.com or
- Simon
- Daniel?
- Patrick? 

Press - Company Name and Phone Number appear.
Press requests will notify:
- press@kinsahealth.com
- Nita

FLUency School Program - School or District Name appears
FLUency program requests will notify:
- schools@kinsahealth.com
- Jared 
- Anna
- Kara

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