Apply to the FLUency School Health Program 

Thousands of elementary schools participate in FLUency each year to help keep their school community healthy.
If accepted, you'll receive free thermometers and a private dashboard to keep an eye on the illness levels of your school(s).

Please note: There are is no cost for your school, district, or families to participate. At this time only elementary schools are eligible. 

Stop the sick cycle with FLUency

Sick days take a toll on families, cost districts millions in funding, and negatively affect student achievement. FLUency keeps schools healthier by helping families and school staff detect and respond to spreading illnesses more quickly, reducing the number of students affected.

Once accepted to the program you will get:

  • Free FDA Cleared Kinsa Smart Thermometers and connected app for you, your staff, and every family that wants one!
  • Access to our innovative nurse portal where you can monitor the health of your school and message families with tips when illness levels are high. 
  • Support from our friendly program and clinical team on tips and content you can use to keep your school informed.
  • Peace of mind that any data contributed to the app is protected and private. Our app is compliant with the applicable privacy regulation standards. See our privacy principles in the footer of the page for detailed information! 

Apply now to join thousands of schools across the United States working to keep their students, families and communities healthy. Click here to learn more about Kinsa and our school program.

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