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WellTogether™ SMB FAQ

Can you customize a solution specifically for my business?

At this time, we can only provide customized solutions to businesses with 1000 or more employees. If that’s you, click here to contact Kinsa’s sales team.


Can you ship thermometers directly to each employee’s home?

Unfortunately, no. We currently only ship thermometers ordered through the WellTogether™ program to a single location (typically, your office mailing address).


What’s the difference between implementing this program and ordering thermometers for all of my employees?

The WellTogether™ SMB program was built specifically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide businesses with an early warning tool to track outbreaks of illness. The WellTogether™ program builds upon the basic temperature and symptom tracking tools available today via the Kinsa app and adds specific COVID-19 symptom triage questions and the red light/green light status badges.  

If you would like to simply make a bulk purchase of thermometers for your employees please contact us here.


What support is provided with the program?

When you purchase WellTogether™ SMB, you and your employees will have access to the Kinsa Customer Happiness team and knowledge base. We have support agents dedicated to WellTogether SMB that will strive to answer any questions you have within one business day. Check out the support portal here.


Are employees required to do the daily self check?

Kinsa does not impose any requirements on your employees. If you’d like to require that employees show you their red light or green light status before entering the building, that’s entirely up to you. If you’d like help drafting a note for your employees on why you encourage a daily self check, click here and tap “Get Help.” 


What other companies are using WellTogether™?

There are a variety of companies that subscribe to WellTogether™: sports leagues (NBA and WNBA), financial services, digital gaming, entertainment venues, non-profits, public and private schools, and many more.


Do you have a guarantee or what if I want to cancel?

All thermometers purchased through the WellTogether™ SMB program are backed by our 1-year product warranty.  Our WellTogether™ SMB program is an annual subscription. If you choose not to renew, your subscription will end for all employees enrolled in the program one (1) year from the purchase date of your subscription.


What data will I and will I not see on my employees?

Kinsa takes individual privacy very seriously.  The only time you'll see information on your employees is when they show their red light/green light status as they enter the office and if they choose to share their symptoms and temperatures with your HR department. We strongly advise against requiring individuals to share their personal data.


Is this HIPAA compliant?

Kinsa complies with all applicable medical and privacy regulations.


What integrations do you already have, can WellTogether™ SMB integrate with our HR system?

Kinsa's WellTogether™ SMB program currently does not integrate with any other solutions or software.


Can I resell the thermometers?

Resale of Kinsa thermometers purchased through the WellTogether™ program is prohibited. Kinsa products may not be resold by you as new or distributed to or through dealers unless you receive prior written consent from Kinsa. The products provided under this agreement are intended for personal use by you or the end users agreed to by Kinsa. Sale of Kinsa products requires you to enter into a separate distribution agreement with Kinsa.